AI ordering services for restaurants

Our cloud-based service provides a next-generation AI-powered telephone experience. This allows restaurant customers to effortlessly and accurately call in pickup and/or delivery orders. This service is called “Dymos”, for “Dynamic Ordering System”.   

dynamic menu system

As part of restaurant onboarding, our engineering team will create a representation of your restaurant’s menu, as well as other relevant information – hours, location, and delivery criteria. Once you are operational, we provide a Merchant Dashboard that allows restaurant management staff to dynamically update menu information: price changes, discounts, availability, and more.

Now Available: Dymos: Dynamic Ordering SYstem

We create a customized AI agent instance that uses a hybrid approach: Interactive Voice Response (IVR), with keyed or spoken numeric user responses, and free-form chatbot-style dialogue. A customer dialogue with Dymos  uses a guided ordering experience where possible, but allows more open-ended (chatbot-style) interactions where deemed appropriate based on context.

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Orders to your Kitchen and Staff

Customer orders get created during dialogue sessions with the customer. Once a customer confirms, the finalized order can be sent to your restaurant’s POS system, or sent to a “merchant app” that runs on a tablet in your kitchen.


You provide us your menu and we do the rest! Once you sign-up (pay-as-you-go model) or subscribe, we will provide you a private telephone number to which you can forward calls during busy hours or during any time period in which you want to offload customer phone orders to Dymos. You can be up and running with Dymos in a matter of days. 

restaurant chain – API

For larger accounts we provide an API and tools to allow added customization for your locations (service providers). Choose the channels you want to make available to customers – telephone or mobile app. Our SDK samples provide comprehensive examples of client functionality – speech recognition, speech generation capabilities and code samples that show how to invoke the RESTful API methods. Your telephone or mobile app customers can order entirely by voice using these services.